An hour-plus show of the very best in folk, roots and acoustic music – a new show every Sunday at 5pm – and available 24 / 7

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Supporting the show….


How can you support the show?

Basically the show costs in excess of £3,000 per annum just for PRS, PPL licences and for server space.

We don’t have any sponsors or advertisers – so if you would like to help keep the show going you can do it by making a donation, however small – that would be great.

I know times are hard and money is tight and not everybody has spare cash so don’t worry if you can’t send a few bob.

You can still help – massively – by spreading the word – that way we get more listeners.

If you tell 10 people and they tell 10 people? Well – in a few months we could invade Mars.


Spread the word & keep the faith, the music is the thing – thanks, Mike



Big P.S.!!!


Please don’t forget to sign the guest book and don’t forget to tell us where you are listening in from – also you can leave a request for a track or artist if you like – but please don’t plug your band or post links up or I will be a hard hearted bugger and bin them. Cheers Mike.























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