An hour-plus show of the very best in folk, roots and acoustic music – a new show every Sunday at 5pm – and available 24 / 7

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Supporting the show….


How can you support the show?

Basically the show costs in excess of £3,000 per annum just for licensing and server space. We don’t have any sponsors or advertisers – so if you would like to help keep the show going you can do it by making a donation, however small – that would be great.

I know times are hard and money is tight and not everybody has spare cash so don’t worry if you can’t send a few bob. You can still help – massively – by spreading the word – that way we get more listeners.

If you tell 10 people and they tell 10 people? Well – in a few months we could invade Mars.


Spread the word & keep the faith, the music is the thing

–thanks, Mike


Big P.S.!!!

Please don’t forget to sign the Guest Book and don’t forget to tell us where you are listening in from.

Also you can leave a request for a track or artist by using the Requests form – but please don’t plug your band or post links up or I will be a hard hearted bugger and bin them.






















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