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  • Hello, Mike. Perhaps I’m being thick but I can’t find anything on the site that tells me how to acquire Tom O’Brien’s CD. Any hints would be helpful; it’s a long way to Islington for me. Thank you for the show; I learn something every week.

  • Hi Mike,
    It’s well known that nothing stays the same. Gosh we do miss you on Radio 2. Glad that you’re still alive and kicking.

    I am putting together a small repertoire of songs sung by my oppo Joe Trickett from Leigh. One particular song was called (I think) “Child of Merseyside” and had a chorus something like:

    Ah, well, I think of her where e’er I go where ever I might bide,
    Liverpool to Manchester along the flowing tide.
    And I’ll raise my glass into the air and I’kll drink to her with pride
    Cos each of us was born a choild of Merseyside.

    Do you know if this has been recorded and if so, by whom?

    I can manage the tune to the chorus but the verses are proving a bit beyond my capability.
    Can you help this old fellow before I get too old and forget what the hell I’m writing about?

    Best wishes
    Tony Carey
    AKA The Glastonbury Ferryman

    • Rosie Hardman wrote and recorded it – Amazon MP3 for download

      Child of Merseyside (Rosie Hardman 1967, approx)

      I was born down in Manchester
      Way back in ‘forty-five
      They call her the rainy city,
      And it’s true while I’m alive.
      I swore if I had the money,
      And I’d still the strength to run,
      I’d leave that River Mersey,
      And I’d find myself the sun,

      Oh, and I think of her where e’er I go,
      Wherever I may ‘bide
      Liverpool to Manchester,
      Along the flowing tide,
      I raise my glass into the air,
      And I drink to her with pride
      For each of us was born
      A child of Merseyside.

      When I was young, I used to say
      The countryside’s for me.
      Away from all the chimneystacks,
      The mills and industry.
      I’d leave the dirty waters
      Of the old Ship Canal,
      But now I feel that I’d be leaving
      My oldest pal.


      As I grew up, I used to dream
      Of Canada’s green pines.
      Longed to see the grapes of France,
      And tread them from the vines,
      Dreamt of all the treasures
      When the open road was mine,
      But now that River Mersey,
      Well, she’s filled my heart and mind.


      From Wallasey to Wavertree,
      Through Allerton and Hale,
      Widnes up to Warrington,
      And onwards into Sale.
      See the many ships
      As they sail upon the sea,
      They’ll carry many cargoes,
      But they’ll never carry me.

  • Another lovely show.thankyou so much for what you do each week

    David Savage

  • I love your show, Mike. Always great music! May I make a suggestion? I like checking out the links to performers on your website, but whenever I click on a link it takes me off of your website and I can’t listen to your podcast while I’m checking out the performers. Set the links to open in a new window when you’re creating them. Many thanks.

    • You can get round this by listening in a new window (there’s a button to do this if I remember right) then you should be able to surf ok. Let me know how you get on and if you still have a prob I’ll get in touch with Spike our IT bod. Cheers M

  • I’ve been listening to your folk shows for donkey’s years, first from the Great Wen, now from deepest Mancunia (Levenshulme) and if all goes well in a few weeks from our new home in Aspull, just outside Wigan. I’ve been a folkie for years ever since I walked into the Herga club one Monday and the first person I spoke to bought me a pint. I had no problems groaning along with the choruses, my reedy tones got lost in the maelstrom of the Herga Back Row.

  • I grew up loving Mike Harding and briefly bumped into him in glorious Dent.
    This show is fabulous and I can’t miss a show!! I always listen on the way to and from work. It makes every a happy day!!!

  • Hi Mike, as always a cracking podcast. I fondly remember the jokes, atmosphere and pie-and-peas in the folk clubs round Bolton when I were a young lad. I even remmember you singing a thing or two between the tall tales. Although you’ve gone to the dark-side and slipped over the Pennines long may you continue. One lovely performer fron round these parts is Toria Wooff ( I believe she’s got an EP out soon, you may like to hear it. Steve

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