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  • Listened to podcasts 1 to 10 recently while doing a long drive south and back. Looking forward to re-visiting all the other podcasts we’ve got saved up every time we have to drive somewhere. The show makes the time flow in such interesting directions when travelling. Thanks for keeping us awake, amused, alert & interested for many hours.

  • Thanks for this podcast Mike. Listening whilst staring down a microscope counting beetles makes the time pass much quicker & sweeter.

    Any chance of some Bella Hardy? She has a new album out & it’s lovely.

  • Just listened to latest on train from Budapest to Belgrade, another brilliant show.

  • Sir Mike. Thank you for playing the best (in my humble opinion) Folk songs and Tunes Some make me cry and some make me laugh, Relistening to old podcasts got to no. 160 and WOW! Thanks again for letting me hear music that otherwise i would be sadly missing.

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