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  • Hi Mike, I have just discovered your Folk Show web site and have so far just scratched the surface of your podcast archives. Brilliant. One thing though, surely Dave Swarbrick, Sandy Denny, Bert Jansch and probably many more deserve to be in your Folk Music Hall of Fame. It seems to have dried up after June 2015. You have probably said why somewhere on the site but I haven’t found it yet. Anyway, keep on doing what you are doing.
    All the best.

    • I agree Dave – the problem is time – I like to wrote a couple of hundred words on all the people in the Hall and also research pics for it but believe me it takes a little time and time is what I don’t have.
      Best Mike

  • Hi Mike hope your doing okay I was just doing some research on Lancashire Dialect for a friend of mine and your name sprang to mind so I am doing some research on you, very interesting! More power to you. Hope Yorkshire is treating you well!! xx

  • Just come back from a gig where my ears were assaulted by a band that sounded as though they should be a folk band but were far from it. I shall not name them for fear of being sued but they were not Faeries and they certainly were not from any peat bog I know.
    Having paid 40 squids to hear this cacophony I thought to myself ‘ I can hear what I want to listen to by tuning into MH’s hour long repeatable session on my trusty steam driven puter.
    I would like to donate 5 of my hard earned squids every month to Mr Harding’s holiday fund but I am too thick to find out how! Help please.

    • Do you use Paypal Mike? Seems tht’s the easiest way. I use it all the time – Very secure and handy for buying flytying stuff and CDs for the show. Thanks for listening Mike

  • Hi Mike
    Some time off work over Easter has enabled me to spend some happy hours catching up on recent shows downloaded onto my phone while pottering in my greenhouse and garden.
    Your musing a couple of months ago about whether there is any decent political folk music from a right wing perspective matched my own thoughts over the last year. I may be an old leftie but I dislike lazy sloganeering and stereotypes and like some honest debate and critical analysis. Some political songs can be hackneyed and I think the best are the personal ones which tell a story.
    Can I also add that the more self indulgent you claim you are being, the more I enjoy the show! So keep on following your whimsy.
    All the best.

  • hola esta muy interesante la pagina

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