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  • Listening from Arnside, Cumbria. Great to hear your voice and choice of music. Thanks

  • Just stumbled on your show–nice to hear you
    again, good choices

  • Thank you. I love de folk songs

  • Hi Mike,
    I always try and listen to your show. It’s a class above the BBC Folk on 2, Keep up the good work!
    I’m now a soft southerner living in Fairford in Gloucestershire. (We used to live in Bentham near you.)
    The Trout at Lechlade is a great folk club down the road from Fairford.

  • Really enjoyed the show Mike, made my ironing much easier:-)
    Lovely tribute to Vin Garbutt , special songs from a special man. He will be missed.,
    Just sent a few bob across , sorry it’s not much but hopefully every little helps.
    Thanks for the music and the craic 🙂

  • Hi Mike,

    some years ago, 2008?, you played Vin Garbutt’s “Three Jolly Burglars” for me. Having seen and met Vin manybtimes his death has rattled me somewhat. I have not had a chance to talk to Hugh Crabtree about how the bad news has been received in the Reading folk circle.
    Anyway I will be listening with eager anticipation for Vin’s “ChemicalWorkers Song”
    Thanks Mike

    • I fogot to say that i am listening from Port Mulgrave which is on the North Yorkshire coast halfway between Staithes and Runswick Bay and 5 miles from where Vin Garbutt lived in Humersea.

  • Aber Fawr falls, Castellan y Caer Scione, Conwy Mountain. As fine a location these Isles have to offer.

    No 235, Border Ballads. Just possibly the best episode yet for most of it until out of the blood and guts, murder, treachery and betrayal the magnificence of John Wright took to it to a whole, higher level. The finest.

    Bothy Ballads next.

  • Listened to podcasts 1 to 10 recently while doing a long drive south and back. Looking forward to re-visiting all the other podcasts we’ve got saved up every time we have to drive somewhere. The show makes the time flow in such interesting directions when travelling. Thanks for keeping us awake, amused, alert & interested for many hours.

  • Thanks for this podcast Mike. Listening whilst staring down a microscope counting beetles makes the time pass much quicker & sweeter.

    Any chance of some Bella Hardy? She has a new album out & it’s lovely.

    • Thanks for the shout out Mike, I nearly dropped my beetles! And thanks for sourcing a copy of Eternal Spring. Keep the faith!

  • Just listened to latest on train from Budapest to Belgrade, another brilliant show.

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