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  • Show is a good as ever well done you guys I have listened to nearly all the posted shows Great stuff
    Listening while preparing an exhibition of the History of Northampton Racecourse for the local Umbrella Fair on Saturday and Sunday Needless to say I am listening in Northampton

  • Hi Mike,

    thank you for a fantastic show and such wonderful music. Living in an area bereft of folk music and folk clubs, your show is a folk music life line.

  • Delighted to see the show goes on! Congrats Mike Harding! Very very worthwhile.

  • Fantastic show as ever. Last week’s “Bonnie Lass of Fyvie” led me back to a performance of “Peggy-O” by one of my favourite bands, The National ( Matt Berninger’s brooding vocals certainly lend to a haunting production.

    Love and peace from Durham.

  • Listening to your wonderful podcasts from York
    Having the artists and albums clearly listed really helps accessing other work by them
    Keep up the great work Mike…………..Thanks

  • Mike – Great show. Little while ago I was looking for a version of ‘Leg of the duck’ on Amazon Music to listen to so I could learn it to play at sessions and I found one by someone called Mike Harding. It’s quite good – you should have him on your show!
    Also one to consider when you do the ‘Ducks’ show following the recent one for Pigs.

  • I have just discovered your Podcast ..brilliant …Thank you

  • Listening in from Shetland & Bristol: depending on the time of the year. 😘Thank you for the music.

  • Keep up your great show from the Yorkshire Dales, which I can listen to and enjoy here in the Tyne Valley.

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