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  • Hi Mike!

    I’m Jen from Paper Circus. Huge thanks for playing our track Wild Mountain Thyme. Sorry for the lack of information – we promise to update our page soon!

    Thanks again, Jen.

  • Keep up this wonderful show Mike. Almost every time I listen in, there are new CDs to be acquired and pleasures to be gained. Thank you so much for not letting Aunty’s rejection leave you feeling you had no appreciative audience awaiting your podcasts. And do enjoy the time with your grandchildren in Ireland, along with your devoted following in the Yorkshire Dales and much further afield.

  • Hi Mike, thanks so much again for playing a track from the new album by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood, and playing it as your opening track. I totally agree with all the lovely comments you said after the track ‘Oh The Wind And Rain’ or should I say ‘compliments ! Having now seen them last Friday here in Bristol and singing nearly all the tracks from this album, as well as a few from their two previous albums and an EP and a couple of covers I can say that ‘Wild & Wicked Youth’ is going to be my album of the year in every poll I will be voting in. Can I ask you to play my current favourite track on the album if you plan to play any more from it, or if you have a request show at anytime. I would love you to play and so promote Kim’s own composition called ‘Firestone’ which she plays accompanying herself on piano / keyboard at gigs. Seeing and hearing that sung live is out of this world and you could hear a proverbial pin drop at the gig I attended when this was sung by her.

  • Cool site, I like to look here. Interesting posts. I recommend to all who like music.

  • Loved your recent show Mike! been a fan of Kim and The Greenwood and I’m glad that you featured them.

  • Many thanks, Mike, for the Sydney Carter songs this week.
    I can’t imagine you have much time for “Hey, Mike, you have to listen to this!” but perhaps a visitor or two to the guestbook might enjoy a performance of Silver on the Stubble with home-made video that I stumbled across when searching online for Sydney Carter songs:
    No idea who they are, but it’s a little gem.

  • Not sure how to put on a request but please can you play Maddy Prior The Lark in the Morning which is stunning – it led me to find Summer Solstice where she sings with Tim Hart – glorious

  • Ace archive of real folk stuff, I’m here in the land of the South Saxons & today is my birthday. I’ve just crossed that final bar of sixty-five, but I’m still learning & making, especially chocolates.
    Mike, your show is a welcome background to working, to the point where sometimes I have to stop what I’m doing & just join in. Missed you from the R2 days but now its even better as I can tune in when it suits SWMBO & me.

  • Hi Mike,

    Just finished listening to your 10 Sept show #246 and was delighted to see you featured two tracks from the latest album by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood ‘Wild & Wicked Youth’. A great start to the show with their version of ‘Oyster Girl’ and then as the last but one track ‘Bold Riley’ another song Kim makes her own. I saw Kim & The Greenwood here in Bristol last year and so delighted that I am seeing them again this coming Friday ( 15 Sept) at a different venue here in Bristol. Kim knows I am coming and as I will be buying the new album that evening she will willingly sign it. She is certainly everything you said about her in your intro to both songs and I know your listeners will be delighted to hear them both, whether they are already fans and supporters of Kim Lowings or if she is new to them. Thanks again for featuring Kim Lowings and The Greenwood.

  • Great to see that you are still doing what you love. Saw you live in the 1980’s. Wish you could repeat The Red Specs tour.
    Keep up the good work and Keep Music Live.

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