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  • Hi Mike
    Only just discovered that it’s all over, couldn’t work out why I hadn’t got anything after October. I have all the podcasts and am still about 18 months behind listening then, I guess, I’ll just have to go back to the beginning again. Makes wonderful driving accompaniment.
    Guess I’d better remove the link from the Hitchin Folk Club website.
    If you get a minute and, hopefully you will have a few now, take a trip down memory lane on our website, under “Who played when?” I’ve completed the full history of all the acts that Maureen has booked at Hitchin over the 50 years she has been running the club, you included of course.
    Good luck for the future and, maybe, we’ll meet up somewhere down the road, probably wandering around Shrewsbury Festival?

  • So sad to hear this unique show has come to an end. Thank you for all the enjoyment it has given me during the last 5 years. I wish you well for the future, whatever your plans, Mike.

  • Downright bloody shame that you’re packing in. Fantastic show. Will miss it greatly.
    Good luck for the future……..”Keep the faith”
    Rick Rybicki (one time clogger of Tod)

  • Sorry to hear that this is your last show. I happened across your podcast a few years ago and would now consider myself a folk fan because of you. I’ve found so much wonderful music from the tracks you have played and sought out many of the albums. Thank you.

  • I’m always well behind on podcasts that, thanks to the intricacies of electronics, I never quite know what, when and where I am. It seems that in one of your shows I heard it was your last!! This is not on! What will I do?
    I have found this show to be the best source and mix of good (folkrootscoustic) around.
    Your informative (sometimes made up) bumf on the artists gives context and your playlist is always handy if you couldn’t find a pen at 70 in the outside lane.
    I’ll miss this show. Please keep the archive up for a goodly while.

  • Mike, I would like to thank you for your wonderful folk shows which I have subscribed to from the start. Since upgrading my car earlier this year I have been able to listen to them on my 40 minute each way journey to Brighton where I rehearse with a mandolin orchestra. I was really upset on my way home last week when you announced they are finishing. In fact I shouted at you not to do it but you wouldn’t listen! I will miss them so much but good luck with whatever you do next.

  • Many Thanks , Mike . I have downloaded and enjoyed almost everyone of the shows , resulting in hearing new music and rediscovering old stuff . I will miss the shows, good luck in the future

  • Hello Mike, I quite recently got hold of your website and current activities. It’s sad to read you’re calling it a day, for a number of reasons. I like your choice of repertoire and the way you present it. We share wide interests, like (hill-) walking, the music, playing mandolin and guitar and Eire.
    Thank you for all the music you’ve brought to us, there are too many songs I had to add to my repertoire because you turned your spotlight on them. I hope you’re well and wish you all the best, like Vin Garbutt would say. Take a stroll, enjoy your Sobell mandolin and have a good life.
    Many, many thanks – Mairtin from the Netherlands

  • mike, many thanks for all the shows over the past five years . an astonishing number introduction to bands and solo artists both contemporary and stuff that I have managed to miss. hope things go well for all your plans in the future , it is weird but your show has seemed to have the same effect as watching a really good live act in the connection that is created between audience and performer. many thanks again , all the best,

  • Dear Mike,
    I have listened to you on radio and internet for some twenty years. In my humble opinion, you are a legend. Thank you for the music.
    Whatever you are up to, may you enjoy the future.
    Best wishes, Allan

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