peggy-seeger-280Peggy Seeger


Born in 1935, Peggy Seeger is Pete Seeger’s half-sister and many of you will also know the work of her late brother, Mike – another  great singer and musician.


Peggy has recorded more than 22 solo records and collaborated on more than 100 others. She plays banjo /guitar /concertina / autoharp / appalachian dulcimer  and is a singer-songwriter/ folk song collector /musician /mother /political activist. She was the life partner to Ewan MacColl. She has written and co-written hundreds of songs including classics like Springhill Mine Disaster (which many people think is a traditional song)   I Want To Be An Engineer and Sing About These Hard Times.


Her work with Ewan on the Radio Ballads and on the albums of traditional and contemporary songs alongside her work with the Critics group has had a massive and lasting impact on the folk music of these islands. As a performer she is tireless and as a writer she is fearless.


And she hasn’t stopped – still fighting and still performing and writing – a recent project saw her working with hip hop and dub maestro, Broadcaster on versions of songs like Bad Bad Girl and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.





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