christy-moore-280Christy Moore


Many people remember where they were when President Kennedy was shot or when John Lennon was killed. I think many of us will also remember where we were when we first saw Christy Moore perform.


A man of great integrity and with an unbounded love for folk music, he has toured / performed /  made records /  protested and demonstrated and written songs throughout his extraordinarily creative life. From the folk clubs of England to great stages like Lisdoonvarna and Glastonbury, for almost fifty years he has toured the world dressed simply in his stage gear – a tee-shirt and slacks. He was co-creator of bands like Planxty and Moving Hearts but is more than happy now to be working solo – just himself and a guitar (though nowadays he tours with that fine accompanist, Declan Sinnot).


A hard working troubadour who never seems to be off the road, Christy has never sought to be fashionable but has always been true to his vision of the world – and it is obvious from his never ending tours of sell-out concerts that the vision is shared by many people around the world.


His work with Planxty and Moving Hearts produced a cluster of great albums and his solo work has been astounding. Whether singing a Dylan song like The Lonesome Death of Hattie Caroll or a traditional song like Black Is The Colour, what you get from Christy, as with all great singers, is a complete connect with the truth that lies within the song. 


The man somebody once called “The storm in a tee shirt” truly is one of the great folksingers of the world.