Dougie-MacLean-280Dougie MacLean


For more than forty years Dougie MacLean has been performing, writing, travelling, making music and bringing musicians and singers together on his many projects.


You could describe him as a one-man industry –  he has written what is perhaps Scotland’s real national anthem, Caledonia, and his songs have been covered by dozens of great singers worldwide.


He has appeared on concert stages across the globe, from Carnegie Hall in New York to London’s Festival Theatre and the Sydney Opera House. He has made a string of great albums of his own songs and stunning versions of traditional songs. As well as being a singer/songwriter Dougie is no poor hand when it comes to musicianship;  a great guitarist, he plays a mean fiddle, and is a dab hand on banjo as well.


He runs the Perthshire Amber Festival and has his own TV channel, Butterstone, both of which involve him directly with musicians and fans. Since his early days with the Tannahill Weavers and Silly Wizard he has lived his music and his songs.  His contribution to the world of folk in Scotland and beyond has been truly immense.