bill-caddickBill Caddick


Bill Caddick is one of the finest singer songwriters to come from these islands. His songs have been covered by people like June Tabor, Christy Moore, The Clancy Brothers, Coope Boyes and Simpson. Songs like Unicorns, John O’ Dreams, Lily Marlene Walked Away, The Cloud Factory, Jesus On The Window Ledge, One Hand On The Radio, Superman,The Writing of Tipperary, The Wild West Show, have been covered by so many many artist because the songs of Bill Caddick tell us stories, have great humanity and the truth runs through them.


Just take one of his best known songs, John O’Dreams. Many people think it’s an Irish song; a good number of people think it’s a traditional song and I suppose you couldn’t look for a better accolade, in a way.


Through his long career as a solo performer and writer, and through his work with The Home Service, Magic Lantern and the National Theatre,  Bill Caddick has been a powerful force for good in the folk world.


Not only that – he’s a great performer and a thoroughly decent bloke.