topicTopic Records

Topic Records is the oldest independent record company in the world, for 75 years the label has been releasing records of traditional and revivalist singers and their total output has made and is making a massive and invaluable contribution to the folk world.
Their “Voice Of The People” series is a huge source of material and a great record of such traditional singers as Phoebe Smith, Maggie Barry, Sam Larmer, Phil Tanner, and many more.
Singers like Martin Carthy, the Watersons, Nic Jones, June Tabor, Fay Hield, and Martin Simpson have all found a home on the label while two of the major pioneers of the Second Wave of the Folk revival, Ewan MacColl and A. L. Lloyd worked with Topic to produce some of the finest albums of folk music ever – Leviathan and Bundook Ballads in particular come to mind.
Much of their back catalogue is now available for download and if you want to hear all the original Radio Ballads they are there in the Topic stable.
Andy Kershaw summed it up neatly when he said Topic is “the most important record label in Britain”.