Jez-LoweJez Lowe


Jez Lowe is one of the finest singer and songwriters that these islands have produced.
For more than thirty years he has been writing and performing his songs, many of them deeply bedded in his native North East.
He has roots in both Northumberland – he was born and brought up in the mining village of Easington – and Ireland, where some of his family came from, and this has informed much of his songwriting over the years.


His songs include such classics as:

Big Meeting Day / Dover Delaware / The Bergen / Coal Town Days / Song For The North Country / Taking On Men / Greek Lightning /The Pitmen Poets


They have been covered by many artists and groups including:
Fairport Convention, The Unthanks, The Dubliners, The Tannahill Weavers, Cherish The Ladies,  Tom McConville, The McCalmans, The Black Brothers, Liam Clancy, Bob Fox and literally hundreds of others.