Kevin-BurkeKevin Burke


Born in London of Irish parents Kevin Burke has gone on to travel the world with bands like The Bothy Band (one of the most creative and exciting bands to come out of the Irish Folk Revival) Patrick Street, Open House and more recently Celtic Fiddle Festival.


He is without any doubt one of the greatest Irish fiddlers of the last century; there is a lift and a roll to his playing which makes his music truly distinctive. I love the way he slides in under the notes and the way he flicks on a roll or a cran with his little finger so that it’s over and gone before you’ve half of a chance to see how he did it.
His music is the pure drop, whether he’s playing a solo in a folk club or with a great band like Open House.
He has inspired thousands of other musicians and has brought joy to millions.


In 2002, he was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship for folk and traditional music from the National Endowment for the Arts, the highest honour of its kind given in the United States.